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MagLula Loaders


Maglula Ltd. is a privately held, family owned Israeli company that invents and produces military-quality speed loaders for several types of weapons. They furnished “Lula Loaders ” for the Israeli military.

They currently produce four families of loaders and they sell them worldwide

  • LULA™  personal rifle magazine loader & unloader
  • UpLULA™ personal, universal pistol magazine loader
  • StripLULA™ 10-round stripper clip and loose rounds loader and unloader
  • BenchLoader™ heavy duty single stroke magazine loader -


These are top-quality products which will help you load and unload your magazines with speed and ease.

Butler Creek is an exclusive distributor in the USA for Lula Loaders, so most of the Lula Loaders that you see in the USA are packaged and distributed by Butler Creek.